I have always had a big passion for reading and writing. I could spend hours lost in another story, or creating my own world and adventures with words. It used to drive my family nuts. Now I am turning that passion into a career.

I am currently a first time mum working as a nurse and moonlighting as a writer and freelancer. My life-long dream is to become a published author and reputable freelancer. Between the demands of motherhood, nursing and home life I am working on a few novels as well as freelance projects, blogging and writing competitions.

As a freelancer and ghostwriter I can help you out with website content, articles, blogs, product descriptions, ebooks and so much more! See my freelancer page for more information about how I can help you achieve your writing needs. I am a thorough researcher and am capable of writing in a variety of formats and niches, however my specialty is nursing, health, parenthood, freelancing and writing.

I read all genres. My guilty pleasure is a good romance or fantasy book but when it comes to writing I like to stick to stories that closely reflect real life. I want to highlight everyday issues and make people think about how they treat others, and how to overcome adversity. I want people to read my books and not feel alone. I want them to be able to relate to the story, to feel what I feel when I write them, and to think about the book long after they have finished reading it.

I have no doubt that the journey to become a published writer and reputable freelancer is going to be a long one, with many twists and turns. I am learning a lot along the way, and expanding my skills and knowledge all the time with short courses and, of course, by writing! It is a great adventure, full of ups and downs but nothing beats the feeling of achieving your hopes and dreams.
Rachel Maree


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